Midwest Band Raises Thousands

As we consider this year’s results of our big PTO fundraiser with a new fundraising partner, I am very pleased to hear that we nearly doubled our sales from last year. Wow!! The profits raised will allow us to do great things for our students and our teachers. We are excited and we are glad to have partnered with yourself and Cherrydale fundraising this year!

I know our supporters will enjoy the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. We knew that offering such a well-known top-quality product would be very well received by our community. Our school community offers great support, especially when they can also get value for their money. Furthermore, the Cherrydale online platform was very effective and easy to navigate for everyone. This year’s fundraiser proved to be a huge hit with our parents!

The program was effectively designed to have the teachers, staff, and students working together to achieve a goal. Our goal was to increase total sales to $30,000, and we were able to achieve over $40,000 in total sales this fall!!

Thank you again for the great results. We look forward to an awesome celebration party with our students, to the limo lunch for our qualifying students, and, of course, to the “Human Sundae” fun event for everyone. I’ll be ready and I’m glad to do it for the students at SMS!!

M. Lane Byrd
Principal, Spotsylvania Middle School


More than Doubled Sales and Profits!

I am very pleased to share that we more than doubled our fundraiser sales and profits over what we did last year. These proceeds are instrumental in supporting many of our key school initiatives.

Bringing the brand name products as well as the Otis Spunkmeyer along with the overall dynamic fundraiser program, online platform, tools and resources was a HUGE hit to the parents. You really know how to motivate the students and structure the fundraiser in a manner to maximize results.

Thank you again for the great results. We are looking forward to the next fundraiser!

Nate Bopp
Principal, Floyd T. Binns Middle School

Nate Bopp

Fulton High School and Middle School Bands

We couldn't operate without Cherrydale fundraisers," says Kelly Neudecker, the director of Fulton High School and Middle School bands, located in the Midwest. The musical groups recently raised thousands of dollars through Cherrydale's popular Krista's Gourmet Favorites catalog, with the help of longtime sales rep Keith Dreier.

"Keith is very easy to work with, and he goes out of his way to make sure we have what we need," Neudecker says. "We've been loyal to Mr. Dreier for at least 20 years. Cherrydale has provided our program with a superior sales representative and makes the program easy to run and distribute."

The money the bands raise goes toward purchasing music, entry fees for competitions, food and, most notably, an annual trip. "Last year we went to Chicago," she says. "The trip was great, and the fundraiser helped the kids a lot." Neudecker and the band are pictured here in Chicago.

The Happiest Place on Earth

Thanks to Cherrydale Farms' profitable fundraising programs, 45 children enjoyed a trip to Disneyland recently — many of whom came from underprivileged families and had never been there. Mark Wadleigh, the band director at Washington Middle School, spearheaded the successful fundraiser for the musical group.

"Our goals were to fund a Disneyland trip and to repair and replace instruments," Wadleigh recalls. "Our experience working with Cherrydale Farms was very positive." He adds that his sales rep, Scott Bonhivert, is a pleasure to work with as well.

Thanks to the money raised, some of the students were able to pay for their entire Disneyland trip themselves. For all, the cost of tickets decreased, and the group raised enough to cover the bus rides completely.

Missouri Choir Profits from Selling Cherrydale

For Tambra Lee, a choir teacher in Springfield Public Schools, Cherrydale Farms' fundraisers are unbeatable. She says that working with Cherrydale is a "great experience."

Lee especially enjoys working with Ron Brammer, her sales rep. "He goes above and beyond what he needs to do," she says.

Lee's choir group raised 1,500 from this fundraiser and used the money for much-needed bus rides, sound equipment, and other music-related supplies. She reflects: "I could not run the program without the money earned from this fundraiser."

The Most Positive Fundraiser We Ever Had!

My name is Teri Hudson. This is the tenth year I have been the bookkeeper at Cheatham Middle School. We just finished a fundraiser with Cherrydale. It was a big hit! This has been the most positive fundraiser we have had. Cherrydale has never been sold in our community and the people went crazy over it. I look forward to doing business with this company in the near future.

Teri Hudson
Bookkeeper, Cheatham Middle School

Bowie Elementary raises over $30,000 in one year!

It has been a pleasure working with Cherrydale for the past several years. The service and commitment they have provided our school has been outstanding. We have made in one year, alone, over $30,000. This has helped us with the funds for our Student Incentive Program. Our school is a National Title 1 and Distinguished High Performance School.

Ácido un placer trabajar con Cherrydale y la representante Dora Rivera por muchos anos. El compromiso y servicio que han proveído ha nuestra escuela acido excelente. La ganancia mas alta que hemos recaudado en un ano acido mas que $30,000. Esto nos ha ayudado mucho con los fundos del programa de incentivos para nuestros estudiantes. Atravesé de varios reconocimientos, Nuestra escuela acido reconocida en lo siguiente: “National Title 1 and Distinguished High Performance School”.

Ms. Maria Del Rosario Coplea
Bowie Elementary Principal

Wow! I Can't Believe How Easy It Is To Make So Much Money!

“Wow! I can’t believe how easy it is to make so much money with Cherrydale. We’ve used Cherrydale for the past 2 years and it has definitely helped our student fund account!”

No puedo creer lo fácil que es hacer tanto dinero con las compañas Cherrydale. Hemos usado a Cherrydale por los últimos 2 anos y definitivamente nos ha ayudado con la cuenta de fundos de nuestros estudiantes.

Joe Montelongo
Assistant Principal, Reed-Mock Elementary

Miller Heights Elementary has been a Cherrydale Fundraising customer for 20 years...

Located in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, Miller Heights Elementary is a community made up of wonderful staff, students and families. Miller Heights has worked with Cherrydale Fundraising since the early 90's. The profit from each fall fundraiser makes up half of the annual school budget. This money has been able to provide assemblies, field trips, classroom parties, author visits, educational items for each classroom and even a new playground for the students and community to enjoy.

We continue to work with Cherrydale because of the quality items in the brochures, not to mention the chocolate which is locally made! Our company representative, Karen Strong, works hand in hand starting with the planning of each sale to the actual delivery of the merchandise. That's an important part of the whole fundraising process.

Marie Chismar
President, Miller Heights PTO

One of the Easiest Ways to Raise Quick Cash for Our Projects!

Knightsen Elementary School has worked with Cherrydale for the past 7 years. All of our fundraisers have been very successful! We consider Cherrydale to be one of the easiest ways to raise quick cash for our projects. Our sales are successful in part due to the our fabulous Cherrydale Reps who always work with us to provide the school and the KPTC with whatever we need to make the fundraiser work for us. Andy and Carla make the process super easy and our community is always glad to purchase the products. The students also look forward to the incentive parties and limo ride for the top sellers.

Theresa Estrada
Superintendent/Principal, Knightsen Elementary School District

Loyalty Because of Product Variety & the People Who Make It Happen!

My experience with Cherrydale has a long history of about 18 years. Why would I continue with a fundraising company if it wasn’t for the product? More importantly, I believe it is two elements that compels me to continue every year... the product varieties and the people who make it happen for my program. I have experienced a consistency of presentation, reliability, and trust by the sales people that brings this opportunity to our school. I know of no other fundraising company that does this better!

Jerry Lees
Director, Rim of the World High School Bands

A Partnership in Profits Over and Over Again!

Cherrydale Farms has been an integral part of Mims Elementary fundraising efforts. We have continuously received immediate and personalized attention over and over again. We work with them because their program is very successful and our students benefit from the profit that we make. We stay with them because they are with us every step of the way. They provide quality items accompanied by excellent customer service.

Cherrydale Farms ha sido una parte integral en los esfuerzos para recaudar fondos para Mims Elementary. Hemos recibido atención inmediata y personalizada una y otra vez. Trabajamos con ellos porque su programa ha resultado exitoso y nuestros estudiantes se benefician de las ganancias que se recaudan. Los elegimos porque nos guían a través de todo el proceso. Nos proveen artículos de calidad acompañado de un excelente servicio al cliente.

Yvonne R. Zamora
Principal, Mims Elementary

Rohoic Elementary raises in excess of $76,000...

Rohoic Elementary PTO President, Tracy Martin, and her son Matthew are pictured here along with the Cherrydale Regional Program Director Trevor White.

With a 6 year fundraising partnership between Cherrydale Fundraising and Rohoic Elementary School in Petersburg, VA, the PTO has raised in excess of $76,000! The most recent fundraiser brought an increase of 25% from the year before. Successful PTO fundraisers with Cherrydale Fundraising has allowed the school to purchase a computer for every classroom as well as make playground improvements. This new circular slide (pictured right) has been a big hit with the children. A new wave slide will be delivered soon!

We at Cherrydale Fundraising want to congratulate the accomplishments of Rohoic Elementary School and their Parent Teacher Organization.

Cherrydale always has the children's best interest in mind.

I know my students and their parents will be pleased and will give their total support to the schools’ fundraiser if I'm using Cherrydale Fundraising...

As principal, I've had the privilege of working with Cherrydale Fundraising for more than twenty years. I contacted Cherrydale in the early 80's when they were a mail order company. After seeing their brochures and the prize program they had to offer, I knew they had what my school needed. I could see that Cherrydale had the quality products that schools could use to help raise funds to support those special needs that our regular budget didn't address.

Soon Cherrydale started hiring a work force to present their program to schools across the nation. They have great products and the finest professional representatives I know. I have found them to be honest, open to suggestions, and to have children's best interest in mind. I never worry with Cherrydale. I know my students and their parents will be pleased and will give their total support to the school's fundraiser if I'm using Cherrydale Fundraising.

Knowing and working with Cherrydale Fundraising for more than twenty years has had a tremendous impact on the schools where I've been the principal. I've purchased fans for the cafeteria, air conditioners for classrooms, playground equipment, copy paper, fax machines, computers, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and paid for field trips. I have even purchased clothes for needy kids. Cherrydale had made my job a lot easier and I am indeed thankful to have worked with them and consider it an honor to have them in my school.

Truett McCurry
Principal Oak Grove Elementary
North Little Rock, Arkansas

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