Neenah Music Parents Raises Thousands

Boy, am I glad that we didn’t pass on the fundraiser this year! Working with Cherrydale and Cindy has been a fabulous experience. We exceeded our goal, which was already a long shot at $43,750. Last year we were happy to see our online sales grow to $8000. This year, they grew to $45,000! In this Covid world that we are experiencing, I believe the customers were happy to have an online option. The teachers had so much less work because they didn’t have to handle the order forms and money, so they were thrilled, too. Students just register very simply online and forward it to their friends and family virtually. The online ordering experience is super user-friendly. Before you know it, the sales come flying in! I am so glad we ran the fundraiser this year to keep our presence in the community and keep the ball rolling. Had we stopped, I think it would be very difficult to get it back next year.

Thank you, Cherrydale and Cindy, for a great experience! It has been a blast working with you!

Lori Murphy
Fundraising Chair, Neenah Music Parents

Neenah Music Parents

Most Succesful and Profitable Fundraiser!

From the moment we zoomed with Chris we knew this company would be great and our fundraiser exceeded our expectations. The products were easy to sell-Otis Spunkmeyer and Heart & Home Catalog. We have always had wonderful community support in our town, but the ease of this fundraiser, paired with the suggestions given by Chris helped us have our best fundraiser ever. It was our most successful fundraiser in over 10 years and we profited 40% more than our 10 years average. The prizes were also a big hit and the kids loved getting their Oinksters. Several months later and kids still have the Oinksters attached to their backpacks. We are excited to continue partnering with Cherrydale for the foreseeable future. The customer service is top notch, the products are easy to sell, and the profits are unbeatable!

Newkirk Elementary School

Newkirk Elementary

Bellefonte Area School District

After dealing with other fundraiser companies in the past, I can honestly say that this was by far the best experience we have ever had with a partner company. The continued professionalism and enthusiasm shown was beyond our expectations and we are looking forward to a successful partnership in the years to come!

Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Greencastle-Antrim Middle School

In my thirt-sixth year in education, I have had a wealth of represnetatives and companies, none surpass the respect and satisfcation I have for Ryan when everything was said and done. We collected over $30,000 which yielded approximately $13,000 in profits!! Upon reflection, my school team said that this was the easiest sales experience we have ever conducted!

Middle School Principal
Greencastle, Pennsylvania

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