cherrydale how fundraising works five steps

1. Set-up

The ball starts rolling when you fill out the Fundraiser Contact Form. As soon as your form is completed and sent, we will send you an e-mail verifying receipt of your inquiry.

A Cherrydale Fundraising Sales Consultant will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your e-mail so you don’t lose any time getting started. Our national network of consultants consists primarily of former educators and parent group members who are highly experienced in product fundraising and know how to help you maximize your profits. They understand every group is different, and their mission is to make sure your specific needs are met.

cherrydale how fundraising works set up

2. Select Brochures

Browse the product brochures we offer and select which product line you want to sell. Discuss your choice with your Consultant and let him or her know if you are interested in choosing more than one product line.

Once we have all your information and choices, we will send complete packets for your entire organization that include product brochures, order forms, prize programs (when applicable), envelopes, and provide access to UPS labels for returning your completed order forms to Cherrydale.

cherrydale how fundraising works brochures

3. Kick-Off

Communicate the start date and end date of your sale with everyone in your organization. Assemble your team of helpers and sellers so everyone is ready to go and motivated to sell, sell, sell!

Make it easy on yourself and collect money as you go along, rather than waiting until the end. This ensures that you won’t be bothered by collecting money two months later, and that you have immediate access to all the funds you raise.

Stay in touch with both your sellers and your Fundraising Sales Consultant throughout the sale to keep everyone motivated, troubleshoot any problems, and maximize profits.

cherrydale how fundraising works kick off

4. Wrap-Up

When your sale ends, collect all order forms from your sellers, tally everything on the easy-to-use forms we provide, and send it to Cherrydale with the UPS label you will easily download from the Cherrydale site.

Cherrydale will tabulate your order within four days of receipt and give you immediate access to all your data. We even set you up with 24/7 access to your own password- protected account so you can see what each seller sold, who the top sellers were per class or team, and what products were the biggest sellers for planning your next campaign.

cherrydale how fundraising works wrap up

5. Pick-Up

All orders MUST BE separated by classroom, teacher, team, group, etc., and each MUST BE placed in its own classroom envelope. ANY orders not clearly separated will be processed in the manner in which they are received (i.e., if orders are not sent in separated, they will be processed in one group labeled ALL).

If you have a desired delivery date, let your Fundraising Sales Consultant or Customer Service Representative know. We require approximately three weeks to deliver your order.

cherrydale how fundraising works pick up

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