Motivate Your Team

Everyone at your school or organization is on board with the bigger vision of your fundraising effort, but it’s that little extra – the prize they might win for themselves – that will put the cherry on top of their participation.

Motivate your entire team with incentive programs for every level of participation. Entire teams can score a night out in a stretch limo.

Your Fundraising Sales Consultant can help you choose from a variety of prizes and programs. Ask about our variety of prize programs, DJ Parties, Video Game Bus, Moon Bounce, and more.

Cherrydale can help you create an incentive program with a variety of options that will make everyone look forward to the campaign prepared to participate.

Get started on your campaign today, and see what prizes you and your group might be able to win.

Eligibility for prize programs is based on program and services selected.

You Can Do It!

Five Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

Get the principal involved!

  • A letter from the principal kicking off your fundraiser and explaining how it will help your school is a major parent motivator. Include participation and target sales goals per family and where funds will be spent.

Launch BIG.

  • Fundraising reps are GREAT at getting students excited and ready to sell, so talk to yours about hosting a kick-off event with all the students.

Make transactions easy.

  • The trend is moving away from pen-and-pencil order forms to online ordering, gift-cards, and on-the-spot transactions. Make it easy to also include orders and donations from out-of-town relatives via email or Facebook.

Rewards and incentives work!

  • Kids love prizes, so choose carefully and they will work hard to earn them. You can also add incentives like a pizza party or popcorn treat for the class or grade that gets the most participation. Include a funny school-wide incentive for hitting a big participation and/or dollar milestone, such as the Principal having to come to school in pajamas.

Parents matter!

  • When planning product fundraisers, keep mom and dad in mind. What items would they want to buy for their families or give as gifts? What fundraisers will they ask their friends and coworkers to support?

-- excerpted from National PTA website,

Sales Tips for Success

Emphasize setting personal goals

  • Have sellers commit to being their sub-group's best salesperson. Structure their sales efforts to emphasize achievement, not failure.

Make a prospect list

  • All sellers should make a list of prospective customers before they start. Review it and make each seller has at least ten targets.

Define your best customers

  • Stick to the people you know: friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. Don't forget co-workers and out-of-town contacts for your major fundraisers.

Rehearse the sales pitch

  • Have everyone practice your group's sales pitch at home. Fine-tune your value proposition and make sure that every seller uses it.

Be prepared

  • Sellers should carry their order form and sales materials wherever they go.

Smile and introduce yourself

  • Remind all your sellers to smile and introduce themselves before launching into their two-sentence pitch.

The power of "because"

  • Use the word "because" when stating your group's goal and first request for help. It's an extremely potent trigger word. "We need your help because our band needs new uniforms."

Ask for the order

  • Always include a direct request for an order in your sales script after the “because” statement. "Can you help us meet our goal?"

Personalize by picking favorites

  • Tell each seller to find one or two items that he or she likes and then promote those enthusiastically. "These green ones are great."

Make it easy to buy

  • Do everything you can to make buying your products easier. Offer to fill out the form yourself. Remind the prospect that a certain item makes a good gift, or that it's all for a good cause. Resolve all objections. Offer to call back if the prospect can't decide.

Re-contact misses

  • Do a follow-up sales pitch to any absentees who weren't available the first time around.

--excerpted from "101 Fundraising Tips" from

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