Why Cherrydale?

Cherrydale fundraisers bring communities together and empower kids to make positive change in the world. Plus, our engaging programs ensure fundraising participants always have fun!

We are setting a high bar for fundraising websites.

Spread the Word!

Cherrydale is proud to unveil cutting-edge technology to help spread the word about your school’s fundraiser, and to engage more supporters to maximize the success of your campaign.

Cherrydale is first in the industry to send home a “Trailer Video” prior to the fundraiser kick-off to engage with parents and inform them how important their support is. The Trailer Video provides a quick overview on how to register for the fundraiser. There are also simple tools to be able to share the fundraiser with family and friends through social media, text, and email. It’s as easy as Sign Up, Set Up, and Share!

Fundraiser Coming Home Video

Superior Engagement

Cherrydale school fundraising ideas get everyone excited and involved – the chairperson, teachers, the kids, their parents – to maximize success. Pre-campaign launch, we unveil a dynamic video call-to-action for parents and kids. On launch day, kids gather for an inspirational, educational, fun assembly designed to drive enthusiasm for their important role in the campaign. And throughout the campaign, we offer motivating rewards to keep kids engaged.

Each kid is empowered to design and manage his or her own themed fundraising page, where he or she can create a custom avatar; upload and manage contacts; post updates, pictures and videos; and engage in social sharing.

Cherrydale provides teachers with a video curriculum that educates students about the benefits of setting goals; encourages commitment to community; and reinforces the idea that the more engaged students are, the more successful their fundraising campaign will be.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cherrydale sets the standard for technology and innovation among fundraising sites. We offer the most advanced internet sales program available to simplify the path to social good and help you achieve your specific fundraising goals. Our new customizable web pages deliver a cool and collaborative experience for kids and their parents.


  • “About my fundraiser” personalization to increase emotional engagement and support
  • Easy-to-send invites through social media contacts
  • Goal meter for real-time results, creating urgency and goal achievement in a game-like manner

The modern Cherrydale e-commerce site is mobile-optimized to ensure an improved shopping experience and encourage more sales per participant. We offer two convenient online shipping options, “ship-to-home” or “ship-to-school,” to save on shipping costs and generate more profit. People tend to purchase more when they shop online, and they are inclined to purchase even more when they don’t have to pay much for shipping.


  • Easy navigation
  • Fast product search and purchase
  • Mobile-ready with texting capability
  • Hundreds of additional items available online

Name Brand Products

With over 110 years of fundraising experience, the Cherrydale team knows how to make people feel good about giving. Our unparalleled product selection includes gourmet foods, designer jewelry, stylish home décor, and more, and we are always on the lookout for new name-brand products to add to our portfolio.

Easy Process

The best fundraisers are those that make giving easy. With more than 110 years of fundraising under our belts, the Cherrydale team is adept at reducing the burden on fundraising coordinators and administrators during every phase of a campaign. We provide high-quality products, attractive color brochures, and a turnkey selling process to support nonprofit groups who want to raise money with a minimal amount of effort. We make giving easy and headache-free with our industry-leading process:


  • Custom Group fundraising site
  • Printing and collation of participant packets
  • Promotional support materials


  • Professional kick-off
  • Daily announcements
  • Automated reminders


  • Delivery support
  • Support: email and in-person phone support
  • Wrap-up meeting

Customer Satisfaction

As America’s most trusted fundraising company, Cherrydale has helped our non-profit partners raise over billion. With customer satisfaction in mind, we developed fundraiser ideas and powerful tools for success, including 24/7 customer support, products that people love to buy, programs designed to maximize profits, and a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can feel confident when you partner with Cherrydale to raise money.

Learn more about the Cherrydale difference and get started on your fundraiser today!

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