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Reviving Product Fundraising: The Ultimate Solution for Your School's Success!

Are your parents eager for a fresh fundraising approach? Do they crave something different? When it comes to raising funds, product fundraisers offer the most effective and profitable solution for schools. The trend of moving away from product fundraisers towards straight donations is now being reversed as people seek value for their money.

In the past, schools abandoned product fundraising due to subpar product quality. That's where my passion lies—I create fundraising products that are practical, unique, and deliver exceptional value. All our products are designed and developed right here in the United States. We're bringing back the excitement of product fundraising!

I understand the importance of offering products you can proudly give as gifts. We've all experienced the disappointment of receiving items that look nothing like what was promised in the brochure. I strive to create products that not only provide value but also surpass similar retail offerings. This way, consumers benefit from the value, and schools make substantial profits. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Gift wrap is experiencing a remarkable resurgence among PTA/PTOs. Remember the days when Innisbrook Wrap and Sally Foster Wrap were all the rage? Well, gift wrap is back in demand! Schools are embracing it once again. We offer over 25 new reversible rolls of gift wrap each year, featuring more than 50 different patterns!

Our extensive selection of high-quality, heavyweight papers is designed to cater to every consumer's taste. We have designs that captivate children, embody farmhouse chic and the latest color trends, as well as classic and contemporary options. Gift wrap not only offers value but also ensures you're always prepared for any occasion. Our coordinated patterns will make your Christmas tree look like a professional decorator wrapped your gifts, ready to be showcased on social media.

Having a stock of gift wrap at home eliminates the need for last-minute store runs for parties or unexpected gift exchanges. It's easy to store and keep organized. Consider our convenient gift wrap organizer, available during the Cherrydale fundraiser. People absolutely love it! This organizer holds all your paper, bows, scissors, tape, tissue, cards, and boxes in one neat container. Simply zip it up, and you'll have everything you need when rushing to wrap a gift for a neighbor who suddenly drops by! I even keep gifts inside the gift wrap organizer for such occasions, like coffee cups or tote bags.

One of the reasons people moved away from product fundraising was the lack of volunteers for delivery. But fret not, we have solved that problem too. We can ship items directly to the supporter's home, making it even more convenient for you, the volunteer.

So, what's the ultimate fundraiser for your school? It's the one that's easy to manage, requires just a few volunteers, and offers products that both your school and YOU can take pride in presenting.

-Lisa Dieltz
Cherrydale Representative