Quality Products + Consistency = Successful Fundraising

Your school needs to do a fundraiser. What do you do? Events require a LOT of volunteers, and they are in short supply. Your donation drive was good for the first couple of years but now it is half of what it was initially. Donations have gone down over time. Your walk-a-thon has lost its luster. The kids are just not as excited about your fundraisers anymore.

What do you do? How do you keep a consistent profit level? What many successful schools have found is the key to profitable fundraisers over the years is to offer a consistent program, that offers variety every year, but with quality they can trust.

When families know high quality products are offered, they are more likely to keep participating year after year. Name brand items like Pep's Pizzas and Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough are household names people know and love. People have to eat! There will always be a demand for food which is why food products are great fundraising items to sell and are the key to consistent sales over the years. When families look forward to something every year, like cookie dough fundraisers for schools (so they can fill up their freezers with items they will need anyways), everyone wins!

-Cindy Countney

Cherrydale Representative