Busy Parents Are Busy Volunteers

Taking care of multiple children, working a full-time job, running the home, taking the children to sports practice, attending games on the weekend and volunteering at a child’s school are just some of the tasks on a parent’s to-do list.  Moms and Dads are busy people and fundraising is not always a #1 priority…but everyone loves to support their child and give them the resources they need to succeed!The key to fundraising success is: Keep it simple and send multiple reminders - it’s not nagging or offensive.  Parents are BUSY people!The most profitable fundraisers come from schools with consistent planning and communication.  Things don’t need to change every year.  Get in a groove.  Parents will know what to expect. Volunteers will be well trained because the “baton” can be passed swiftly when things are consistent. If you have a great fundraising company you work with, a supportive sales rep and a variety of fundraising products to sell, “don’t fix it if it’s not broken!”.  Your fundraising results will be consistent year after year with an energetic chairperson who communicates and promotes the fundraiser persistently. It’s that simple!

- Lori Genaro
Cherrydale Regional Representative